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There are some things in life that are innately memorable. Weddings, baby showers and bridal showers are among these. During these events it’s important to focus on the guests, especially the guests of honor, but with so many details to attend to, the food may fall to the bottom of the list when it comes to prioritizing and planning. Event organizers have a lot to do, and taking the food preparation out of the equation can be the best way to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Stress-free food preparation

Catering is the ideal solution for busy event organizers who want to remove some of the stress and ensure that one of the most important aspects of any gathering, the food, is prepared perfectly and presented in a beautiful, stress-free way. It frees up time for the person organizing the event and allows them to enjoy the results of their planning efforts along with the other guests instead of worrying about the food.

Food safety

A primary concern at any event is food safety because if food is not handled or stored properly guests can become extremely ill. Caterers are trained in the correct method of food handling, preparation and storage to ensure that illnesses are not transmitted to guests from contaminated food. Salmonella, E coli and staphylococcus are all extremely dangerous, especially to pregnant women and children. These are commonly found in food that has not been properly stored or maintained during serving, and caterers are aware of how to prevent the spread of these bacteria, whereas the average even planner may not know how.


Besides the guest of honor, doesn’t the person who planned the big event deserve a little pampering for their efforts? Guests also expect a little extra special treatment during such events. Catering provides a sense of luxury and pampering that gives any event that little bit of something ‘extra’ that makes it truly memorable.

It’s important to choose a reputable, knowledgeable catering company in order to make any event a success. Event planners should keep in mind a few things when choosing a caterer.

  • Does the price of the catering fit into the budget for the event?
  • How many guests will be fed?
  • Are there any special dietary needs to be considered?

Catering makes any wedding, baby or bridal shower extra special and more enjoyable for everyone involved, including the event planner.

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  • Angela Byers

    The meal was absolutely delicious and the presentation was beautiful... five years later my wedding guests still ask me who my caterer was.
  • Dee Gerstenkom, St. John's Bank & Trust

    Thanks so much for doing such an outstanding job for our 75th Anniversary VIP Party. The food was spectacular and the ice sculpture was stunning. You made my job so much easier and a lot less stressful!
  • Jim Voelkerding, Walter & Jean Voelkerding Charitable Trust

    The presentation was very nice and the food was excellent. Service was A++. Your crew accomplished everything beautifully.
  • John Smith, BCS Sales & Service

    We needed lunch for our sales meeting, and they came through. The food was excellent, and their delivery was impeccable. The picnic baskets were a real hit!
  • Marsha Seymore, City of O'Fallon

    The costumes, the menu and the renaissance buffet were just perfect for our opening night of Camelot. It set the tone for the evening. Thanks for doing such a super job.
  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the great breakfast. Good food made it a lot easier for us to make it through our 7:00 a.m. meeting.
  • Linda Duranja, Western Union

    Our picnic went off without a hitch. Feeding 700 guests for 4 hours is no easy feat, but you pulled it off flawlessly - again! Thanks for everything!
  • Mark Bruegenhenke, Chesterfield Police

    The food was excellent. Lots of compliments. The chicken and ribeyes were terrific. Thanks!
  • Dale Poslosky - Modern Business Interiors

    The food was excellent. Your set up people did a wonderful job and everyone enjoyed our party! Thanks for doing such a good job for us. We will call on you for future events.
  • Linda

    Everyone had a great time and loved the food. We continue to be asked who provide the food, so hopefully you will receive referrals. The CAKE was the most memorable - the chocolate cake was so moist and delicious. Guests thought it was clever to serve fruit on each plate along with their choice of white or chocolate! And the punch recipe turned out fabulous too - thank you!
  • Jack Mortenson - Sales/Client Relations - Nephropath

    The food was wonderful. The Doctors all loved it. The office also was very pleased with the setup and presentation of the food. You guys are great and I will use you again next time!
  • Jim Hess - Pitman Funeral Home

    I just wanted to take a second to tell you how pleased we were to have your company cater an event at our funeral home. Your staff was very professional, and they left our facility spotless.  Please thank the two ladies who were here.  I will recommend you to any one who asks about catering at events held at our facilty.
  • The MiKecin Family - Joe, Pat, Mark & Maggie

    We want to thank you so much for the beautiful job you did for Joe's Purple Heart Ceremony!  The room looked stunning with the purple and white theme, along with the china and crystal.  The food was delicious! And the two servers were terrific! The relief I felt after talking with you only 3 days before the event was enormous!! Also, your generosity is something we will never forget!! Thank You a million!!!
  • Becky Sandring - "The Food Mom"

    The meal you provided for the Blue Springs South High School Jaguar Pride Marching Band in St. Charles served us well.  EVERYTHING DISAPPEARED like magic as the kids went down the food line and filled their plates.  We had the right amount of food.  Those who wanted seconds were able to do so, yet we did not have any leftovers! Thank you for great food, prompt delivery and the perfect amount of food.  We appreciate your work to deliver a hot meal to the Blue Springs South High School marching band.
  • Sara J Voumard

    Thank you for the creative lunch! Quintessential did a great job, as always.
  • Robin Berry - American Water Resources

    You guys did a great job again!
  • Robin Mackey

    I want to tell you how awesome everything was! The food was delicious and hot. Your ladies were very professional and courteous. You have been a tremendous help with our wedding. You gave me great advise and made me feel comfortable! Thank you again!!! I will def tell other people about your company!
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